About PoP

Proof of Purchase Productions (PoP) is a small independent production company based out of SUNY Purchase College in Purchase, New York. PoP currently consists of a small group of young filmmakers fighting through their last years as students, and dead set on carving out a foundation for the next great production studio of tomorrow.

Here at PoP we emphasize quality filmmaking under guerrilla-filmmaker constraints. We build and/or modify much of our own equipment and employ the use of profesional quality 1080 HD video captured with affordable prosumer level cameras such as the Panasonic GH2, the AG-HMC 40P and the Canon T3i. Thanks to advances in both camera and recording media technology, we here at PoP have taken advantage of the digital age to bring you the best possible videos, under the widest range of conditions, for the most fiscally responsible budget possible.

We also offer videography service for events in the local New York/New Jersey area, though service is currently limited due to the college-enrolled status of the majority of PoP’s members. For more details see the DVD Production page.

We are…

Robert O’Har

Writer – Director – Cinematogpraher – Editor

Co-founder of PoP, Robert O’Har is – Okay, this is weird, I am Robert O’Har, and I can only take this whole third person voice so far. Together with the help of the talents and support of the people listed below and countless others, I helped put together PoP from the ground up. I write/direct/edit film projects and have worked on projects ranging from Pixar-esque short films to rap music videos, with a whole lot of random stuff in between.

Chris Alberti

Manager – Producer – Writer

Chris Alberti is a co-founder of Proof of Purchase Productions, currently studying arts management at Purchase College. He has interned with the Lar Lubovitch Dance Company and the Vis-à-Vis Project, a DIY performing arts festival in Brooklyn, New York. He is the co-producer of SouthBay Cabaret, an entirely student-produced performing arts program at Purchase College. Chris looks forward to fostering dynamic collaborations between Purchase artists.

Nick DeCandio

Writer – Director- Editor- Cinematographer

Nick is a 22 year old film maker from Poughkeepsie New York. He attends SUNY Purchase where he studies Cinema Studies. He enjoys Directing different kinds of films. Many people influence his work and he tries hard to collaborate well with others. He hopes that one day his films are discovered by someone who will help him become a greater film maker.

Nick Virzi

Royal Court Composer

Nick Virzi is a New York City based composer, currently studying at SUNY Purchase under composer/performer Du Yun, and recently composer/performer Huang Ruo. He has been featured on various composition websites, most notably Composers Circle, and his works have been performed throughout New York. In addition to composing contemporary concert music, Nick is involved regularly in collaboration across various artistic fields, such as dance, film, and visual art. As a member of PoP, he both composes and realizes original scores through live recording and electronic synthesis. Aside from composing, Nick is also an active guitarist and private teacher.